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I like knowing I have someone I can turn to if there's a problem with my gift card.

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GiftCardsYouCanTrust.com is your go-to gift card resource featuring merchants committed to providing positive and trustworthy gift card experiences. Read the reviews, and start buying trusted gift cards today!

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Gift Cards Tips & Advice

How to understand state gift card laws and navigate small balance gift card cash out options across the United States.

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Want to Cash Out a Gift Card? Here’s What You Need to Know

Updates and tips for managing gift cards during store closures, bankruptcies, and sales. Learn how retailer closures affect gift cards.

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Gift Card Alerts That Could Impact Your Wallet

Discover the truth—stores actually profit more when you redeem their gift cards. Learn how businesses benefit from every swipe.

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MYTH BUSTER: Stores Don’t Want You to Use Their Gift Cards

Top places to buy gift cards for ease of use, security, and customer service, plus a few places to avoid buying gift cards.

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Where to Buy Gift Cards in 2024: What’s Changed?

Discover three easy-to-remember mantras—Gift Only, Vet Don’t Fret, Pause and Ponder—to protect yourself from gift card scams.

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3 Mantras to Help You Avoid Gift Card Scams

Learn what fake gift card balance check websites look like so you can avoid them and keep your gift card balance safe!

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Don’t Get Scammed: How to Spot Fake Gift Card Balance Check Sites

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